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Why Buy a Gas Burning Fireplace Insert

Kpzy Heat Gas Insert - near Rail Road Flat Rd in Wilseyville CAOur fireplace & hearth experts can help you find the best gas fireplace insert for your heating needs & lifestyle. We serve all of Jackson CA, Pine Grove, Drytown, Clements, Volcano, Angels Camp, West Point, Mokelumne Hill, Lockeford, and Amador & Calaveras Counties.

Tired of maintaining a messy & high-maintenance wood fireplace? Install a gas fireplace insert! Gas fireplace inserts can transform a worn-down, inefficient fireplace into a beautiful, hassle-free heat source. New innovations & technological advances make gas inserts an excellent choice for many homeowners who want to update or upgrade their current fireplace. You'll get the luxury of controlling your fireplace with a thermostat or remote control, and high powered fans make it possible to warm your largest rooms with ease.

When it comes to zone heating your house, gas fireplace inserts are a great choice. These reliable heating units can help supplement your furnace during the coldest winter months which can reduce your energy costs, a plus for any homeowner. These no-hassle, easy-to-use inserts  come in a range of stunning styles. Realistic, molded logs can fool even the most discerning guests and the flickering, warm flames create an inviting area for everyone in the family.

A remote control will allow you to regulate the flame height, fan speed, accent lights and temperature from anywhere in the room, giving you the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Visit our showroom in Jackson CA and view your favorite gas fireplace inserts side by side. Our experts will help you find the perfect model for your heating needs & lifestyle, then set up professional installation so you can enjoy your new insert for years to come.

There are lots of different options that will guarantee a unique look that will reflect your lifestyle and home. Choose a classic, rustic or cast iron front to complement your home’s décor. Add an interior liner to mimic the look of brick or tile. For a more contemporary feel there are gas inserts that offer clean, simple fronts and burners that are topped with crushed glass or stones. You can mix and match to create just the look you want.


Gas appliances will provide radiant heat even when the power is out!

Did you know that burning gas as opposed to wood is more environmentally friendly because it produces less emissions than firewood? Gas is also clean burning, so it won’t produce the dangerous creosote buildup that can form when you burn firewood, meaning your chimney will require less maintenance & cleaning. Since gas inserts must meet strict installation codes to ensure that they are operating safely, it's imperative to have professional installation of your new appliance. Give Sierra Hearth & Home a call or stop by our showroom to see the beautiful gas fireplace inserts and many other heating appliances on display.

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