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Our fireplace experts sell and install glass fireplace doors and fireplace doors sets to complete the look of your wood or gas fireplace. We serve Jackson CA, Lockeford, San Andreas, Clements, Martell, Sutter Creek, Volcano, and all of Amador and Calaveras Counties.

Glass Fireplace Doors Installed on Stony Creek Rd SunnybrookDid you know that problematic air flow from your fireplace is cut by 99% with the proper installation of glass fireplace doors? Fireplace doors provide a tight seal around the opening of your fireplace that not only keeps warm (or cool) air from your living space from escaping out the chimney, but also keeps embers and sparks from escaping the firebox and potentially starting a fire. Many homeowners choose to install glass doors to help increase the efficiency of their fireplace and reduce wasted energy costs from air being lost up the chimney.

If your fireplace tends to be a bit smoky or drafty, adding fireplace glass doors is a great way to prevent a sudden draft from pushing smoke into your living space. Beyond just keeping your fireplace more efficient, glass fireplace doors add safety features that can help keep kids and pets out of the open flames of a burning fire and keep ash and embers inside of the firebox.

Fireplace doors come in a seemingly endless array of styles, finishes, sizes, and designs which means you are sure to find the perfect set of fireplace doors that will fit your fireplace and match your current home decor. Choose from ceramic glass or tempered glass to help prevent heat loss and increase the heat output of your fireplace while preventing air from escaping out of the chimney. Glass fireplace doors are a cost-effective way to increase the efficiency of your open burning fireplace while adding a bit of style all at once.

In our opinion, glass doors are a must-have accessory for your hearth and are more than just a decorative addition to your open burning fireplace. Come see some of our fireplace glass door sets at our Jackson CA hearth store and find out how these accessories combine beauty with functionality, making them  well worth their minimal investment cost. Our installation crew can provide hassle-free installation services so you can begin enjoying your updated fireplace area quickly. Our technicians will also visit your home to take custom measurements of your fireplace opening to ensure that you are choosing a glass door set that is perfectly suited to your current hearth.

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