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Help! My Fireplace Won’t Draft

There are a few reasons why a draft may be difficult to establish in your wood burning fireplace or stove.  Our hope is this article will provide some insight and relieve that frustration.

How Does a Gas Fireplace Insert Work?

A gas fireplace insert is a fireplace that has been designed to slide into, (inserted) in an existing wood burning fireplace.

Are Gas Logs and Insert the Same?

Gas inserts and a set of gas logs are not the same product.  There are certain applications where an insert is the best and other applications will dictate which one of the two types of gas logs might work best. 

Mantle and Hearth Considerations For Your Fireplace

If you are planning to install a fireplace in your home, you will have many options regarding the mantle and the hearth. And, it’s a safe bet that you will be living with the decisions you make for a long time. Here are items you will want to give special attention to in order to make that new fireplace the focal point of your home.

How To Vent A Gas Fireplace

If a gas fireplace is in your plans, here are several considerations to keep in mind when planning to remodel or build.

Will A Fireplace Heat Basements?

Whether it’s gas, wood, electric or pellets, here’s a few points to ponder and suggestions for adding a hearth appliance downstairs in your home.

Why Buy An Electric Fireplace?

Your WE LOVE FIRE expert gets this question quite often.  Here are the top ten reasons an electric fireplace (or two or three) is going to add value, atmosphere, and a touch of class to your home. 

Can I Convert From Wood To Gas?

Fireplaces that have not been used in years can be resurrected and enjoyed nightly by you and your family.  There are hundreds of old, outdated, inefficient wood burning fireplaces in this area that would be terrific candidates for a gas insert.  Is yours one of them?

What to Do When Your Brick Fireplace is Cracked – Patch it or Line it?

Have you found a hole or crack in the brick of your wood-burning fireplace? Should you fix it or line it with an insert? Here's everything you need to know.

How Do I Accessorize a Fireplace?

Does your fireplace seem to be missing something or look a little blahzay? Maybe it needs something unique, a touch of class to have it reflect your life style. What are some options that I can consider that would spiff up my fireplace?

How to Choose a Gas Fireplace

If you’re planning to add a gas fireplace to your home, we can help with some insight and can help explain why the best values in the fireplace industry are at your WE LOVE FIRE dealer!

How to Use Your Fireplace to Cool Your Home

Learn how a fireplace can cool your house, how to maximize the cooling effects of your chimney and other green suggestions for a comfortable home.

Why Is My Fireplace Beeping?

You really enjoy your gas fireplace and what it adds to your home . . . . the wonderful heat from it, the dancing flames and glowing embers and especially how easy it is to use.  But suddenly, it’s making an odd, beeping noise.

Why Won’t Your Stove or Fireplace Ignite?

Here are some troubleshooting tips, by fuel type, that might help answer many concerns regarding ‘no ignition’.  Keep in mind these are intended to be somewhat generic in nature in order to illustrate common problems and possible solutions.

What’s The Best Type Of Wood To Burn?

This is a frequent question that can cause a spirited conversation around a fire.  Everyone knows that hardwoods are the best, right?  Do softwoods have a place?   Is there a “best” wood to burn?  Yes, there is!  Keep reading to find out what it is!

How Do I Clean My Fireplace Glass?

Once or twice a year, it’s a good idea to clean the glass on your fireplace, stove or insert.  So just spray on a little window cleaner and wipe it off, right?  Cleaning fireplace glass isn’t a big deal.  Wrong!  There are right and wrong ways to clean the glass on your fireplace.  Some “do’s” and some “don’ts”.

Do Electric Fireplaces Heat?

Electric fireplaces are more popular than ever.  They can be installed anywhere in your home.  But can you count on them for much heat?  If your expectations for an electric fireplace are to heat a 2000 - 3000 square foot home, you may want to keep reading.

When and How to Safely use Your Fireplace

Before using a fireplace, there are many factors you should check to ensure you and your family’s safety. There are things you should consider.

What Is Negative Air Pressure?

The difference in the air pressure in your house and the outdoors can be negative or positive.  Neither is particularly beneficial.  Let’s discuss negative air pressure as it relates to your home and specifically to your fireplace.  Keep reading to see why this subject is important.

Can A Fireplace Heat The Whole House?

Do you go through the exercise of cutting, splitting and stacking wood every year? You’re tired of those monthly gas or fuel oil bills, right? You would like to be a bit more independent.

Can a Fireplace Be Removed?

There are a few reasons for considering removing a fireplace.  Can it be done?  How practical would it be to do so?  Is it expensive?  Are there any cost effective alternatives?  Let’s try to help you determine if removing a fireplace is a project you should be contemplating.

North America’s Top 10 BBQ Experts

Your favorite chefs reveal their best-kept secrets and what fuels their fire! Get to know some of North America's top pitmasters and what inspires their award-winning BBQ. Learn how to take your grilling to the next level and achieve the best BBQ, every time. Start sizzling, summer is around the corner!

How to cook using a barbecue rotisserie kit

You would like to use a rotisserie kit, but you’re not sure how to. Read this article, and rotisserie will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Which is Better:  Hardwood or Softwood?

You burn wood in a fireplace, stove or insert.  And you want to use the best wood you can for keeping your family comfortable.  Different wood species are found in different areas of the country.   Everyone knows that hardwoods are best for burning, right?  Or . . . . are they?

How Do I Clean My Chimney?

There are many homeowners who choose to clean their own chimneys.  You burn wood and know the importance of cleaning the chimney.  But how often should I clean it?

Will a Fireplace Damage My TV?

This is a good question and one that deserves discussion and planning. Lots of people are installing big screen TV’s above their fireplace. It’s a great use of space, but will the TV be damaged if the fireplace in operating? Is there anything that can be done to protect the TV? If you’re building or remodeling, are there techniques that can be incorporated into the project to shield the TV from heat?

How to Cook Up a Meat-less Meal on the Grill

Grilling a vegetarian meal is simple when you have the right ingredients and tools. Here are a few useful tips to help you get started.

When Should The Fireplace Damper Be Closed?

If you burn wood in a fireplace, you know the damper should be open before you get a fire going.  But is halfway open good enough?  Less heat will be lost up the chimney, right?

Does Grilling Your Food Cause Health Issues?

Can cooking on the grill give you cancer or cause weight gain? If so, what can you do to stay healthy? In this article, you will find some interesting tips.

Do I Need Glass Doors On My Stove Or Fireplace?

Glass doors are an important component of your wood burning fireplace, stove or insert. It’s important that you have an appropriate door. Here’s why.

Can a Fireplace Cause Allergies?

Is your fireplace causing your allergies? In this article, you’ll find logical explanations on the subject, as well as various ways you can remedy to it.

Should I Leave My Pilot Light on Year-Round?

Many gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts operate with a standing pilot light.  What does a pilot light actually do?

Eight suggestions to update your fireplace

You want to update your fireplace, but don’t know how to go about doing it? Here are eight interesting and creative suggestions for all budgets.

Will A Fireplace Add Value To My House?

So, you’re planning to build or do some remodeling and you’re wondering if a fireplace is going to be a good idea?  Should we think about wood, gas, electric or maybe pellets?  If we sell the house, will a fireplace be a selling point or a liability?  Will it add any value to my home? GOOD NEWS! The opinion of Continue Reading

Nine essential tools for wood fireplaces

A wood fireplace needs tools to facilitate its use and cleaning. Here are the nine tools you need to keep your device working.

Why Is There Water On The Inside Glass Of My Gas Fireplace?

When starting a fireplace, many experience condensation or fog on the glass for the first few moments. This shouldn’t cause any concern as it is part of the normal process of condensation that occurs when water vapor condenses onto a cool surface. Here is what you need to know.

Why a Fireplace Insert?

Do you have a house with a wood burning fireplace that doesn’t provide any heat to your home? What can be done to provide more heat to your family room? Let’s discuss why a fireplace insert is a terrific way to update that old, inefficient outdated fireplace.

Evacuation plan and preventive measures for a home with a fireplace

Learn how to reduce the risk of fire in your home, and see which preventive measures should be taken in order to keep your family safe.

When to Close the Damper on My Fireplace?

What’s the purpose of a damper in my fireplace?  Should it be open, closed or partly open when I build a fire?  What do I do if it’s an older fireplace and the damper doesn’t operate correctly?  For these answers and more, keep reading.

What better suits your needs? A fireplace or a stove?

Which heating unit better suits your needs? A fireplace or a stove? Here is a list of 5 factors to consider before making your decision.

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