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How to cook using a barbecue rotisserie kit

You would like to use a rotisserie kit, but you’re not sure how to. Read this article, and rotisserie will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Which is Better:  Hardwood or Softwood?

You burn wood in a fireplace, stove or insert.  And you want to use the best wood you can for keeping your family comfortable.  Different wood species are found in different areas of the country.   Everyone knows that hardwoods are best for burning, right?  Or . . . . are they?

How Do I Clean My Chimney?

There are many homeowners who choose to clean their own chimneys.  You burn wood and know the importance of cleaning the chimney.  But how often should I clean it?

Will a Fireplace Damage My TV?

This is a good question and one that deserves discussion and planning. Lots of people are installing big screen TV’s above their fireplace. It’s a great use of space, but will the TV be damaged if the fireplace in operating? Is there anything that can be done to protect the TV? If you’re building or remodeling, are there techniques that can be incorporated into the project to shield the TV from heat?

How to Cook Up a Meat-less Meal on the Grill

Grilling a vegetarian meal is simple when you have the right ingredients and tools. Here are a few useful tips to help you get started.

When Should The Fireplace Damper Be Closed?

If you burn wood in a fireplace, you know the damper should be open before you get a fire going.  But is halfway open good enough?  Less heat will be lost up the chimney, right?

Does Grilling Your Food Cause Health Issues?

Can cooking on the grill give you cancer or cause weight gain? If so, what can you do to stay healthy? In this article, you will find some interesting tips.

Do I Need Glass Doors On My Stove Or Fireplace?

Glass doors are an important component of your wood burning fireplace, stove or insert. It’s important that you have an appropriate door. Here’s why.

Can a Fireplace Cause Allergies?

Is your fireplace causing your allergies? In this article, you’ll find logical explanations on the subject, as well as various ways you can remedy to it.

Should I Leave My Pilot Light on Year-Round?

Many gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts operate with a standing pilot light.  What does a pilot light actually do?

Eight suggestions to update your fireplace

You want to update your fireplace, but don’t know how to go about doing it? Here are eight interesting and creative suggestions for all budgets.

Will A Fireplace Add Value To My House?

So, you’re planning to build or do some remodeling and you’re wondering if a fireplace is going to be a good idea?  Should we think about wood, gas, electric or maybe pellets?  If we sell the house, will a fireplace be a selling point or a liability?  Will it add any value to my home? GOOD NEWS! The opinion of Continue Reading

Nine essential tools for wood fireplaces

A wood fireplace needs tools to facilitate its use and cleaning. Here are the nine tools you need to keep your device working.

Why Is There Water On The Inside Glass Of My Gas Fireplace?

When starting a fireplace, many experience condensation or fog on the glass for the first few moments. This shouldn’t cause any concern as it is part of the normal process of condensation that occurs when water vapor condenses onto a cool surface. Here is what you need to know.

Why a Fireplace Insert?

Do you have a house with a wood burning fireplace that doesn’t provide any heat to your home? What can be done to provide more heat to your family room? Let’s discuss why a fireplace insert is a terrific way to update that old, inefficient outdated fireplace.

Evacuation plan and preventive measures for a home with a fireplace

Learn how to reduce the risk of fire in your home, and see which preventive measures should be taken in order to keep your family safe.

When to Close the Damper on My Fireplace?

What’s the purpose of a damper in my fireplace?  Should it be open, closed or partly open when I build a fire?  What do I do if it’s an older fireplace and the damper doesn’t operate correctly?  For these answers and more, keep reading.

What better suits your needs? A fireplace or a stove?

Which heating unit better suits your needs? A fireplace or a stove? Here is a list of 5 factors to consider before making your decision.

Which Electric Fireplace is the Best?

Which electric fireplace is the best? We have our favorites for good reasons. Before getting that answer, let us explain what is important to consider when it comes to electric fireplaces.

What is Creosote?

What is Creosote? Where does it come from? How to prevent its buildup in your chimney? This article answers these questions and offers a guide to ensure you keep your family safe while enjoying your fireplace!

Solutions for Your Fireplace on Windy Days

Do you hear wind blowing inside your fireplace? Do you have a hard time lighting it when the wind is blowing strong? Do you have smoke rolling back into the house when it’s windy outside? This article deals with the wind and how to adapt your fireplace and chimney installation to avoid those issues.

Where Do I Put a Fireplace in My House?

Adding a fireplace to your home adds value and a tremendous source of comfort. What are the requirements to consider before installing a fireplace? Is it different whether it is wood, gas or electric? This article provides great information on what is physically necessary to consider before installing a fireplace.

How to Light a Fire in My Fireplace?

Ready to use your fireplace? Starting a fire may sound simple at first, but failing at doing it may feel embarrassing and even create some problems. This article offers practical advice to light a fire and two proven methods that are easy to put into practice.

Eleven Ways to Reuse Fireplace Ashes

A wood fireplace gives you an almost limitless supply of wood ash. Is there a way to recycle them? In this article, you’ll find eleven ways to reuse wood ashes.

What Happens to a Fireplace When It Rains?

What happens to your fireplace and chimney when it rains? Does it have any impact? Will the rain create damages to my chimney? This article explains the effect of water infiltrations and gives the solution to prevent problems from happening to your chimney.

Are wood fireplaces and wood stoves legal to use in the United States?

Is it legal to use a wood fireplace in the United States? EPA is proactively regulating wood stove emissions. This article explains in detail what the regulation is all about, how it applies in real life and explains the benefit to using wood as a heating source.

How to Reface a Fireplace

Refacing a fireplace can save you a lot of money while giving your fireplace a complete makeover. What is refacing? How does it work?

How Much Wood Will My Fireplace Use?

How much firewood do you need to buy or cut for the coming winter? This article explains what variables to consider when heating with wood. Several factors will be at play to determine how much firewood is needed to go through a whole winter.

Can a Fireplace Cause Carbon Monoxide?

Can a fireplace cause carbon monoxide? This article offers an honest answer and ways to protect your family from any exposure to CO.

Planning Your Outdoor Fireplace

Are you planning to get an outdoor fireplace? Do you know there are many options available to you, as well as many regulations to comply with? Find out more here.

Can I Use a Gas Fireplace When the Power is Out?

Can I use my gas fireplace when the power it out? How does it work? What are the technologies involved? This article explains why a gas fireplace will work during a power outage. It also explains the difference between the standing pilot and electronic ignition technologies.

Which Charcoal Kamado is the Best?

Which is the best kamado grill? Big Green and Primo share the lead position for quality and craftsmanship. Is there an advantage to use the oval shape over the round? I wanted to share a personal experience at using both.

Who Sells Fireplace Accessories?

Fireplace Accessories make a difference when it comes to upgrade the look and impact it has in your home. Which ones are the most popular? Where do we find them? Are there rules to follow? This article answers these questions.

How is a Gas Fireplace Installed?

How are gas fireplaces installed? Some online resources may show a step by step process to help the DIY in you. Gas fireplaces involve fire and gas, inside the home! Understanding the process is important. Having the certified experts to do the work is of the outmost importance. This article highlights what is involved in installing a gas fireplace.

Who Does Fireplace Remodeling?

Remodeling an older fireplace is fun and will increase the value of your home. Where do we start and how do we get this done? This articles provides good insight on the options available and 3 steps to follow to make of this project a success.

What Type of Grill Suits You Best?

What kind of grill best suits your needs? What factors should you take into consideration? Read on to learn about the different types of grills on the market.


How to prevent chimney fires? This article explains the importance of chimney maintenance and also, offers great tips for the every day use of a wood stove or fireplace.

How to clean your grill

Are you getting your grill ready for summer? Are you at a loss as to where to start to clean it? Here are some simple solutions to make the job easier for you.

Are wood fireplaces and wood stoves legal to use in Canada?

The straight answer is yes, and it is true in every Province. But what are the requirements? First, let’s talk about the regulations in place and upcoming ones. What is mostly known as a regulation on the Market is the EPA Certification. The EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA. The EPA has established a regulation to limit Continue Reading

What Are the Best Features of a Gas Grill?

The best Barbecue, the best Grill. How do I find out? What are the best features to look at? This article details important information in order to help choose the right Grill.

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