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How to Paint a Fireplace to Bring It Up-To-Date

Painting a fireplace is a way to bring it up-to-date while respecting your budget. See how to do it based on different types of fireplaces.

Tips For Maintaining Outdoor Fire Features

With colder weather, comes a few more items on your “to do” list. But no worries! Here are our tips for your outdoor fire features maintenance before winter.

How to Prepare Your House for Winter

Get your home ready for winter before the cold temperatures arrive with this helpful checklist.

Our Top 8 Products

The WE LOVE FIRE dealer network has put together this summary of our top eight products picks.  Understand that these are not our top eight most popular items or our best sellers, but eight of the most interesting and innovative products available from your WE LOVE FIRE dealer.  All these products are designed to make your life more pleasant, a bit easier and definitely more enjoyable.

What Fuel Do I Burn?

When it come to heat, everybody has their preference in terms of fuel. But other factors are to be considered before making the final decision. This article will help you by giving you some questions to ask yourself.

What Size Fireplace Do I Need?

Selecting the good fireplace for your home can be very confusing.  This article will take a practical look at several criteria that should be considered before making a final decision on the size and type of fireplace to use.

How Gas Fireplaces Work

You might be considering a gas fireplace for your home but wonder if it's complicated to operate or if it's expensive? Let's answer to these questions and see how exactly works a gas fireplace!

Are Electric Fireplaces Expensive to Run?

Are electric fireplaces expensive to operate?  How much heat can I expect?  Are they complicated to use?  These are just a few of the questions we’ll answer in this article.

Which Fireplace Should I Choose?

Are electric fireplaces expensive to operate?  How much heat can I expect?  Are they complicated to use?  These are just a few of the questions we’ll answer in this article.

Professional Certifications in the Hearth Industry

For a safe home, it's very important to deal with a professional when it comes to fire and heating your home. Let us help you figure out the professional certifications out there for hearth industry.

Have Fun Cooking on Your Outdoor Fireplace

Convert your outdoor fireplace into a cooking haven with the following techniques and recipes.

The pinnacle of BBQ — Ribs Part 2

You want to master the art of BBQ ribs? How is it that ribs taste much better when cooked Low n Slow? Read how to cook ribs like a pro on the BBQ, Low n Slow!

The pinnacle of BBQ  — Ribs Part 1

You want to master the art of BBQ ribs? How is it that ribs taste much better when cooked Low n Slow? Read how to cook ribs like a pro on the BBQ, Low n Slow!

Are Fireplace Inserts Worth It?

You have a nice old fireplace but you'd like to know how you can use it to heat the room more efficiently! How you can best utilize an old chimney? See your options here!

Can Old Chimneys Be Repaired?

What can I do with my old fireplace? Can I save my chimney repairing it? Here is some help answering these questions!

How to Host the Best Social Distancing Summer BBQ Ever!

Looking forward to BBQ season? Not sure how to get the most out of hosting BBQs while social distancing laws are in effect? Here are a few suggestions to make this summer the best summer, from the yard to the grill to the food.

Why Fireplace Doors?

Should I add doors to my fireplace? What difference does it make? Read what you should consider here!

How Does My Chimney Work?

Maybe you already know that a chimney plays a big role in the efficiency and safety of a wood or gas fireplace but you wonder how exactly! Let us explain!

The Case for Mounting a TV Over the Fireplace

Newer mounts refute the traditional reasons to avoid placing the television over the mantel. Sometimes, the space above the fireplace is the only spot in the room where a TV will fit; products like MantelMount makes those spots work.

Can my fireplace flue be angled?

You are dealing with a weirdly placed fireplace? Or you found the perfect spot for you new fireplace but you would have to angle the chimney flue for it? Let's see together what you have to consider and if you can angle a chimney flue.

Do I need a grill cover?

Is a grill cover really necessary? Will a grill cover protect it enough to make it las longer? You may be surprised with the answers!

Why Heat With Pellets?

What are the benefits of heating with pellets? You have heard of wood pellets and you are wondering if it's for you? Let's see why it really is an option to consider!

Who Installs Fireplaces?

You have been thinking of fireplace in your home for a while and now you are ready to buy one. But who should you hire to install your new fireplace? Or maybe you ask yourself "Can I install my fireplace myself?". This article will help you clear things up and guide you to make a wise choice!

Which fireplace is best for the environment?

Looking to upgrade your fireplace in favor of going green? Support the environment, reduce your monthly heating bill and gain access to grants.

Who Cleans Chimneys?

Cleaning the chimney! We know it has to be done but is it worth it to hire for that? Or on the contrary, is it worth it to do it yourself? Let us give you the information to make the decision and understand the process!

What is Low n Slow cooking and how can you cook this way?

Low n slow BBQ! Have you ever tried it? You are wondering how to "low n slow" cook like a boss? Here are the basics to help you start and understand how it work!

Vegan Grilling – Not Only Possible but Also Delicious

What is vegan diet by definition? Is it possible to find great grilling recipes that are Vegan but also delicious? You bet! Not only is it possible to grill up some fantastic Vegan dishes, but you might even convert some meat-eaters to the light side with these tips and recipes.

How To Measure Your Fireplace For A New Set of Doors

Updating your fireplace doors is a sensible project.  We will explain how to identify what type of fireplace and how to measure for a new set of fireplace doors.

Help! My Fireplace Won’t Draft

There are a few reasons why a draft may be difficult to establish in your wood burning fireplace or stove.  Our hope is this article will provide some insight and relieve that frustration.

How Does a Gas Fireplace Insert Work?

A gas fireplace insert is a fireplace that has been designed to slide into, (inserted) in an existing wood burning fireplace.

Are Gas Logs and Insert the Same?

Gas inserts and a set of gas logs are not the same product.  There are certain applications where an insert is the best and other applications will dictate which one of the two types of gas logs might work best. 

Mantel and Hearth Considerations For Your Fireplace

If you are planning to install a fireplace in your home, you will have many options regarding the mantel and the hearth. And, it’s a safe bet that you will be living with the decisions you make for a long time. Here are items you will want to give special attention to in order to make that new fireplace the focal point of your home.

How To Vent A Gas Fireplace

If a gas fireplace is in your plans, here are several considerations to keep in mind when planning to remodel or build.

Will A Fireplace Heat Basements?

Whether it’s gas, wood, electric or pellets, here’s a few points to ponder and suggestions for adding a hearth appliance downstairs in your home.

Why Buy An Electric Fireplace?

Your WE LOVE FIRE expert gets this question quite often.  Here are the top ten reasons an electric fireplace (or two or three) is going to add value, atmosphere, and a touch of class to your home. 

Can I Convert From Wood To Gas?

Fireplaces that have not been used in years can be resurrected and enjoyed nightly by you and your family.  There are hundreds of old, outdated, inefficient wood burning fireplaces in this area that would be terrific candidates for a gas insert.  Is yours one of them?

What to Do When Your Brick Fireplace is Cracked – Patch it or Line it?

Have you found a hole or crack in the brick of your wood-burning fireplace? Should you fix it or line it with an insert? Here's everything you need to know.

How Do I Accessorize a Fireplace?

Does your fireplace seem to be missing something or look a little blahzay? Maybe it needs something unique, a touch of class to have it reflect your life style. What are some options that I can consider that would spiff up my fireplace?

How to Choose a Gas Fireplace

If you’re planning to add a gas fireplace to your home, we can help with some insight and can help explain why the best values in the fireplace industry are at your WE LOVE FIRE dealer!

How to Use Your Fireplace to Cool Your Home

Learn how a fireplace can cool your house, how to maximize the cooling effects of your chimney and other green suggestions for a comfortable home.

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