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Elmira Wood Burning Cookstoves

Elmire Cook Stove Installation - Jackson CA on French Bar RdElmira Cookstoves add old-world charm in modern homes. Elmira Stove Work's distinctive, superior quality appliances, including the innovative line of Fireview wood stoves along with gas and electric ranges, have been making their way into discerning homeowner's spaces since the mid 1970's. These highly coveted antique-style stoves are custom crafted to your request. There are literally hundreds of combinations of styles, colors, and features, which will ensure that your new cookstove will become a unique focal point and center piece of your kitchen.

Elmira Stove Works has been creating vintage‐styled cookstoves and ranges since 1975, and offers full lines of “circa‐1850” and retro 1950's appliances. One of the most popular products from Elmira is the Fireview. The Fireview cookstove offers a trademark Fireview viewing door, high‐efficiency burn, glass‐wash, antique or country appeal, along with optional gas side burners.

Elmira Cook StovesIt's hard to beat a traditional wood‐burning cookstove for a unique design aesthetic, versatility, atmosphere, and great flavor which is why we are excited to offer such an amazing product line. Stop by our showroom to view all of the custom combinations you can create with an Elmira Cookstove. We can help you determine the right product for your needs and space and professional installation of your new wood, gas, or electric cookstove.

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