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Why Buy a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Enerzone Wood Fireplace Insert - Mt. Zion Rd Pine Grove CAMake the short drive from Plymouth, San Andreas, Pioneer, Wilseyville, Sutter Creek, Martell, Fiddletown, and the surrounding towns and communities in Amador and Calaveras counties to our Jackson CA hearth store to find the best deals on wood fireplace inserts.


Most people love to relax by a crackling fire while they enjoy the sights, sounds, and aroma that accompany burning wood. Old fireplaces, however, are often plagued with issues that include drafts, poor ventilation, and even heat loss! A wood fireplace insert is the perfect upgrade that will help you eliminate heat loss and down drafts while still maintaining the charm and beauty of a wood burning fire. Plus, wood inserts provide much more heat efficiency which means less energy use in the cold winter months.

A wood burning fireplace insert is similar to a wood stove, just without legs. These units are installed directly into the opening of your existing wood fireplace. Their smart design makes sure that all of the heat produced by the fire is sent into the home instead of allowing it to escape out of the chimney. The closed combustion system burns wood more completely, meaning you will get more heat from less wood and there will be less by products and ash produced by your fire. Most wood inserts come equipped with variable speed fans which help to deliver the heat into your open living space, creating a warm steady heat that everyone can enjoy.


While a traditional fireplace is only about 10% efficient on a good day, a wood insert can be up to 80% efficient.

A fantastic benefit of upgrading to a wood burning insert is reducing your environmental impact. New EPA certified inserts produce very few emissions and allow homeowners to rely less on their energy companies when it comes to heating their home. Plus, wood-burning is carbon neutral, which means the same amount of carbon is released into that atmosphere whether you burn the wood or it decays naturally in the forest.

Burning wood in a fireplace insert is a way to go green. You can use less wood to heat your home with a wood insert and every log you burn will generate more heat. With an EPA certified wood insert, you can feel good about choosing to heat your home with a roaring fire.

At Sierra Hearth & Home, we offer a wide range of efficient and beautiful wood fireplace inserts. Browse our showroom to find designs which can fit any style that suits you, such as rustic, elegant, traditional, or modern. Made with either cast iron or steel, these inserts are designed to efficiently burn wood and provide your home with the majority of that heat while updating the look of your fireplace. Come talk to one of our trained sales professionals or have our National Fireplace Institute certified Master Hearth Professional visit your home to talk about the size, design and options that will work best for you.

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