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Free in-store insurance quotes and 0% financing

At Sierra Hearth & Home, we know the devastation that hundreds of families are feeling with the loss of home or property. The owners, Stan and Shirley, served as part of the Foursquare Disaster Relief team during the Butte Fire, and counseled many individuals during the crisis. We care about you, and about your home. We are local, licensed contractors, serving Amador and Calaveras Counties since 2006.

In-Store Insurance Quotes

Stop by our 3000 square foot showroom to see our showcase vignettes of working fireplace inserts and gas, wood, or pellet stoves, water gardens and ponds, and get a free in-store quote.

wood stovesHearth Products: Our certified NFI specialists are on-hand provide an estimate of costs for replacing or rebuilding your hearth. No job is too small. We offer safe, energy efficient stoves and fireplaces, and custom hearth installation, as well as annual service and maintenance. And don’t forget the accessories you may have had such as fireplace tools, ash bucket, steamer pot, etc.

water featuresPond and Water Garden Products: When rebuilding, why not consider a rainwater harvest system, a pond, or a pondless waterfall in place of lawn. Sierra Hearth & Home can install & maintain your pond and aquatic ecosystem no matter how large or how diverse your project is. We carry a complete line of ecosystem ponds and pondless waterfalls, Aquascape fountainscapes and rainwater harvest systems. We have a large stock of water garden supplies, aquatic plants, koi fish.

Elmira range-full-300Elmira Cook Stoves: Add old world charm in your modern home. These stunning antique-style stoves are custom crafted to your request. There are literally hundreds of combinations of styles, colors, and features, which will ensure that your new cook stove will become a unique focal point and centerpiece of your kitchen. Stop by our showroom to view all of the custom combinations you can create with an Elmira Cook stove. We can help you determine the right product for your needs and space, and will offer full-service, professional installation of your new wood, gas, or electric cook stove. Other appliances also available.

No Interest Financing

Apply now, and enjoy the benefits of your new fireplace, stove, water garden or pond today!

0% financingSierra Hearth & Home is offering 0% financing for anything in the store, including labor ($500 minimum). Simply apply through our United Buyers Group and choose six or twelve months to pay for your new hearth or water garden products.

No interest if paid in full within 6, or 12 months. View details here


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Save up to $400 on Lopi

Lopi UUE_L_DealerBanner_300X600Now through November 1st!

Save up to $400 on Lopi, Avalon, and Fireplace Xtrordinair fireplaces – WOOD – GAS – PELLET…inserts and free standing! Sale ends Nov. 1st. Stop by our showroom to see our beautiful working displays!

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Elmira is Here!

Elmira Stove Works Antique RangeCheck out our newest line…Elmira Stove Works!

ELMIRA is HERE! We’re very excited to announce that Sierra Hearth & Home is now an authorized dealer for Elmira Stove Works! Now you don’t have to sacrifice performance or convenience to savor the elegant 1850’s warmth of Elmira’s Antique ranges. Cleverly concealed behind the authentic faςades of our ranges, you’ll find all the features of today’s top-of-the line appliances.

The ultimate in customization… each Elmira Stove Works appliance is custom crafted to your request. Choose the model, color, options and accents that suit your personal style and your cooking style. Our ranges offer several hundred combinations of styles, colors and features, and will truly be the focal point and center piece of your kitchen.

Stop by our store today to see for yourself the quality and style of these beautiful ranges! We are located at 619-B South Hwy 49, Jackson, in the Motherlode Plaza. map.

Ranges available in 2 sizes: 45″ six-burner model and 30″ four-burner model that fits a standard 30″ cabinet opening.

We also carry microwaves, wall ovens, dishwasher panels, and refrigerators.

Retro styles are also available!

More information

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What is Creosote, and Why Should You Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

Call for your annual service or chimney sweepYou’ve probably heard about chimney fires and how important it is to have your chimney cleaned and checked regularly, but why? You may look into your wood stove and think it looks pretty good – but your chimney could be a hazard waiting to burst into flames the next time you light a fire.

What is Creosote:

Creosote is a product of incomplete combustion: deposits of unburned tar vapors from wood smoke that are very flammable. It can be hard or sticky, with a tar-like consistency, crusty and thick, or flaky in texture. Often very difficult to remove from chimneys, creosote deposits are one of the most common and serious fire hazards, regardless of the chimney type (metal, masonry, insulated metal, etc.).

How can you prevent creosote buildup?

Creosote build-upWhether you use soft woods or hard woods, and no matter how you burn your firewood, particulate matter and gasses are released into the air and through the chimney. There is no avoiding this, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a creosote build-up. Creosote is formed when wood is incompletely burned, and is an indication of a poor wood stove design, improper use, or poor installation. Here are some tips to keep your chimney creosote-free:

  • Operate your wood stove at the right temperature
    A moderately active fire is best. If you damper the stove way down, you will have a smoky fire that emits lots of unburned vapors that can condense inside the chimney flue or pipe. While your fire is burning, go outside and take a look at the flue. If there’s lots of smoke, you are burning too cool. Creosote represents unburned fuel, so if you’re trying to conserve firewood by burning cooler, it doesn’t really save the firewood and can be harmful to your chimney. You’ll actually get more heat from the same amount of wood burned hotter, and you’ll also be doing the environment a favor!
  • Use the right fuel
    Season your firewood. All firewood contains water in some degree. The water contained in the wood turns to steam, which can cool the chimney so the gases condense and creosote is formed. The drier your firewood, the less steam it emits, thus reducing the chance of creosote.
  • Make sure your flue is the right size and is properly installed
    If your flue is improperly sized or incorrectly installed, it may not be drawing the combustible products to the outdoors quickly enough. This increases the time the smoke stays in the venting system, allowing it to condense and form creosote in the flue.
  • Learn how to properly operate your stove
    It is important to know what type of stove you have and to operate it properly. Refer to your operator’s manual, or contact us for a service call. Our staff can check for creosote build up, leaks, or improper installation, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to properly operate your stove.
    If you continue to have creosote build-up or other problems, you may wish to consider a new EPA-certified stove, designed to burn cleanly at a much lower burn rate.

Why should you have your chimney cleaned?

The best way to make sure your stove is in top working condition and there is no creosote build up is to schedule an annual inspection. It only takes about an hour for Sierra Hearth & Home National Fireplace Institute (NFI) Certified Specialists to thoroughly inspect and clean your system, so you can heat your home worry-free. We will also provide you with a safety report for insurance purposes if necessary.

Click HERE for CSIA Homeowner Resources and information on what our chimney sweep will do when they come to your home.

What if you notice creosote build-up?

If you look into your chimney and see signs of creosote build up, or if your stove or chimney are smoking from various leak points, close the air supply and let the fire cool down. Do not burn any more fires. Schedule a cleaning and inspection immediately. Any creosote build-up can cause a deadly chimney fire.

What if your chimney catches fire?

Chimney fireLet’s hope you are reading this as a preventative measure, and you are keeping your stove and chimney cleaned and inspected so you never have a fire.

A creosote chimney fire burns very hot, sounds like roaring thunder, and can burn a building to the ground very quickly. If you suspect a creosote fire, immediately get everyone out of the building and call the fire department. If it is possible to safely close down the air supply to the chimney, it may help, but your first priority is to getting everyone to a safe place.

Sierra Hearth & Home’s Chimney Sweeps are  National Fireplace Institute (NFI) Certified.

CALL US NOW to schedule your inspection!


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Unleash Your Backyard Gourmet!

Family shot of Big Green Egg

Sierra Hearth & Home is an authorized dealer for The Big Green Egg

September and October offer some of the best outdoor weather of the year. Why not get a Big Green Egg and amaze your friends and family with your culinary expertise?

The Big Green Egg is a GRILL, an OVEN, and a SMOKER, all in one! It is known for producing amazing culinary results for novice and experts alike! Stop by Sierra Hearth & Home in Jackson to check out The Big Green Egg…The Ultimate Cooking Experience! We are located at 619-B South Hwy 49 in the Motherlode Plaza. map. We are an authorized dealer for The Big Green Egg and accessories.

So go ahead…Unleash Your Backyard Gourmet and show ’em what you’ve got!

More about The Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg - Unleash Your Backyard Gourmet!


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