Our Own Hometown Heroes

Stan & Shirley Hampton, owners of Sierra Hearth & Home

Our own Hometown Heroes, Stan & Shirley Hampton, owners of Sierra Hearth & Home

The rural community of Amador and Calaveras Counties in California recently survived one of the largest wild fires in California’s history. 70,868 acres were burned and 475 residences destroyed, along with 343 outbuildings. Many other structures were damaged. Families in thousands of residences were displaced; fleeing to friends and relatives, or to local shelters set up by churches and disaster relief programs.

When wild fire strikes, grief, shock, and sadness set in, along with the resolve to return to normal and rebuild homes and neighborhoods, and to re-connect with family and friends. Nine chaplains of the Foursquare Disaster Relief program were on hand during the Butte fires to help survivors restore a sense of safety and security and control over their lives. They provided a hand to hold, and an ear to listen, as well as giving resources for food, clothing, and housing.

Stan and Shirley Hampton, owners of Sierra Hearth & Home are both certified Disaster Relief Chaplains and tirelessly worked seven days during the fires to provide counseling and help to those in need.

A huge THANK YOU to the thousands of fire fighters and first responders who took their lives into danger to fight a rapidly changing fire in perilous countryside. Also thanks to all of the news and media, especially Jim Guidi from our local KVGC radio station and Jack Mitchell of the Amador Ledger-Dispatch who both worked around-the-clock to keep everyone informed. Now let’s pray for El Nino to bring some of the much needed water to California so we can begin to replenish our parched and burned forests.

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Date Started: 9/9/15
Location: Amador & Calaveras Counties
East of Jackson, California


70,868 acres burned
475 residences destroyed
343 outbuildings destroyed
45 structures damaged
2 fatalities
1 injury

Cooperating Agencies:

Amador County Sheriff
Calaveras County Sheriff
Amador Fire Protection District
Calaveras PUD
Sutter Creek Fire Department
State Parks
California Conservation Corp.

Source: CalFire


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