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Rainwater Harvest Systems

Our experts can help you set up a rain harvesting system to help beat the dry spells of Jackson CA.
We serve residents in Ione, Valley Springs, Pioneer, Wilseyville, Amador City, Martell,
Sutter Creek, and all of Amador & Calaveras Counties.

Water is one of California’s most precious resources. In times of drought its conservation becomes even more important. Aquascape RainXchange rainwater harvest systems allow you to capture rain and store it for use in the dry summer months. The RainXchange system is a revolutionary design that combines a recirculating decorative water feature with a sub-surface rainwater harvest storage system. Capturing rainwater to operate the water feature creates true self-sustainability, drastically reducing the need for chemically treated traditional water and reducing the demand on municipal water systems.

The RainXchange system starts by collecting the runoff from your roof, working with your existing gutters and downspouts to direct the water to the underground storage. A pump then recirculates the water through a Pondless Waterfall or fountain to filter it, preventing stagnation and the growth of unhealthy bacteria. A booster pump can allow you to connect a standard garden hose or drip irrigation.

Because rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients, using it to irrigate your garden will reduce fertilizer use. You can avoid strict watering schedules and improve landscape growth at the same time! Water stored in the RainXchange system is constantly moving and being aerated so it becomes a sanctuary for wildlife. Birds, frogs, dragonflies and butterflies will all flock to the water in your yard.


1 inch of rainfall on a 2,000 square foot roof equals 1,250 gallons of water.

The RainXchange storage system is built of very strong components so it’s easy to disguise. You can cover it with a deck or patio, or even landscaping, so no one but you will know it’s there.

Aquascape RainXchange rain barrels are another option. They are easy to install, easy to use and a great way to reclaim free rain water for your summer garden use. Simply place a Rain Barrel under a downspout and your system is set up. Rainwater travels through your downspout and through the filter screen, removing large debris such as leaves and sticks. The screen also prevents mosquitos from entering. The barrel holds 75 gallons and has a thick plastic wall to withstand the toughest weather. The brass spigot accepts any standard garden hose connector. The childproof lockable lid can be used as a small planter. When your rain barrel is full, the barrel will divert the excess water through a large overflow pipe out the bottom, where it can be diverted away from your home’s foundation. Barrels can be connected together if you want to increase your storage. Rain barrels are also great for extra fire protection.

Why let good water go to waste when you can reuse it for another purpose? The RainXchange Rainwater Harvest System adds the beauty of a water feature to an efficient system for capturing, filtering, and reusing our most precious resource - water! Ask our CRP – Certified Rain Exchange Professionals at Sierra Hearth & Home to help you design the best system for your home.