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We have a great selection of Koi Fish that will make a great addition to your water garden or backyard pond. Homeowners gladly make the short drive to our Jackson CA store from the surrounding towns and communities of Plymouth, San Andreas, Lockeford, Martell, Clements, West Point, Ione, Volcano, and anywhere in Amador and Calaveras Counties, to find great deals on Koi Fish.

Koi Fish Amador countyOne of the main reasons many people get a water garden is so they can enjoy the fish. Koi provide color and movement to the pond and can be a never-ending source of entertainment. Often called the jewels of the water garden, koi are also a crucial part of the ecosystem.

Koi are basically a specialized type of carp. The main difference is that the Japanese have spent hundreds of years breeding a prettier, more colorful fish with a better shape. There are over 100 color varieties of koi, with the most highly prized, award-wining varieties selling for thousands of dollars. Happily there is still an endless supply of beautiful koi available at very affordable prices. Extremely hardy, koi will tolerate our cold winters and hot summers with a minimum of fuss.

Koi are great at helping to keep algae levels low. Feeding them lightly, especially in the Spring, encourages them to eat the algae growing on the rocks around the edges of your pond. Their waste fertilizes the plants, making them strong and healthy so they can filter nutrients from the pond, also starving out the algae and reducing your overall maintenance.


Koi eat mosquito larvae, reducing mosquito populations.

Koi love to eat, and hand feeding your koi helps them learn to enjoy interacting with you. Start to train your koi by feeding them just a little food at the same time and place every day. They will soon associate you with food and rush to the side of the pond when they see you. A slice of watermelon or some fresh lettuce leaves makes a special treat. The fastest way to a fish’s heart is through its stomach!

When designing your pond it’s important to think about how many fish you want to have. Fish love to be in a group but you need to be careful not to overcrowd the pond. A good rule of thumb is to provide at least 10 gallons of water for every inch of fish. This lets your pond’s filtration system keep the water quality healthy and ensures that oxygen levels don’t become too low. For example, a 1200 gallon pond will take 120 inches of fish, or 10 twelve-inch fish. Be sure to allow for growth – in the right conditions your koi could grow to 40 inches in length!

Don't let the fears and myths of owning fish keep you from adding to the beauty and interest of your pond with koi. Sierra Hearth & Home carries colorful koi to brighten your watergarden. Come see us and add some jewels to your pond!