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Water Garden PlantsStop by our Jackson CA store to get a range of aquatic plants and accessories to complete the look of your new water feature, pond, or waterfall. We serve residents in Jackson CA, Plymouth, Pioneer, Wilseyville, Rail Road Flat, Herald, Fiddletown, and all of Amador & Calaveras Counties.

Aquatic plants are an essential part of any pond. They provide beauty and help to soften and naturalize the look of the pond, but they also play a critical role in balancing the pond’s ecosystem. A well-planted pond - your water garden - includes a variety of aquatic plants. Like any good garden, you want a mix of heights, textures, leaf and flower colors, and plants that tolerate the amount of sun your pond gets. There are many beautiful plants that are hardy in the varied climates of our local area. Don’t be scared away from water gardening by thinking that aquatic plants are hard to grown and take care of. It’s not true! You want to pick the right plant for the right spot and be sure it’s planted properly so it will enhance your enjoyment of your pond.


Algae is a plant too! While too much is unattractive, a little algae growing around the edges of your pond is beneficial.

Marginal plants are plants that grow in the shallow areas around the edges of your pond and along the stream. They help disguise the transition from dry land to pond and provide shelter for the frogs and other small animals that are attracted to the water. They are also valuable natural filters, soaking up the excess nutrients that would otherwise feed algae.

Aquatic Plants - Jackson CAMoisture-loving varieties of many familiar plants fall into this category including iris, cannas and taros. You will also find Cattails, Lizard’s Tails, and Parrot Feather along with an enormous variety of other fun and functional plants.

Hardy lilies are the most popular deep water plants in our area. The roots are excellent filters and the floating leaves shade the water to inhibit algae growth while keeping the water cooler and giving the fish a place to hide when startled. They are happiest away from fast-moving or splashing water, in a spot where the leaves won’t be pulled into your skimmer.

Floating plants are the easiest plants to grow in your water garden. They float freely on the surface rather than being rooted in a pot while filtering and shading the water. They can multiply rapidly so keep them thinned back. They will be pulled into the skimmer of your pond so it’s best to put them in an area where they are easy to keep in place, such as the top of the Biofalls.

Sierra Hearth & Home offers a range of plants and planting products to help your water garden thrive. Rigid, flexible and floating pots, planting media and fertilizer to promote blooming will help you grow beautiful, vibrant, lush plants that will work for you by giving you clear water without the need to use potentially harmful algaecides which will only disrupt the balance of your pond.

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